Stoked is a design consultancy. We use design to wake people up.

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Upgrade how you work.


Stoked works with organizations worldwide to rekindle their natural ability to see things in new ways.

Learn how to ignite this creative force in every person in your organization by making human-centered design central to your everyday culture. 


We design, teach and experiment.

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Your work will become more rewarding — and profitable — in every sense of the word.


Here's what to expect:


Confidence to solve gnarly problems.

Stoked leads design programs that take your team through actual projects to master the tools of human-centered design. Teams and leaders will learn long-term strategies for creating and maintaining a culture of innovation.

Deep connections to yourselves and others.

Amazing outcomes are almost always the result of an incredible self-awareness of how you and your team work. Helping teams and individuals create a stronger connection to themselves and others is the catalyst for doing work you actually care about.

New products, services, and experiences.

Build something impactful. Make sprints actually sprint. Learn lo-res prototyping and how to test ideas and iterate quickly. Put human-centered design to work for your clients, customers, and your own organization.


Stories that connect people and ideas.  

Spread success, build advocacy, and share ideas via video, podcasts, and the written word.  We'll help you spread your successes (and failures)! Good storytelling fires innovation and inspires teams to face the fear that prevents "a-ha" moments.



Delta Dental of Minnesota & Stoked : A Human-Centered Design Journey. 




"I have had the privilege to work with some amazing companies and even more fortunate to work with amazing individuals. Over the course of that time there has not been one more significant encounter that altered the way that I think about architecting a business than from what I learned from you all at Stoked."

John Valiton
Chief Executive Officer, Reemo Health



Tenet : reimagining leadership



Working with us means working with this team.


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