Hi there, WAP.


We heard your desire to evolve your small company's culture, level-set your team's skills, and change the way you engage with customers.

We are super excited about that mission.  


A transformative team experience where you'll build creative confidence and design thinking skills to drive new human-centered work and behaviors.


    here's what we're thinking...

    We've developed an approach that allows us to accomplish a lot of work in a short amount of time by leveraging your small team size as an asset. For our work together, we will combine our teams, Stoked+WAP, enabling you to learn, do, and change simultaneously. 


    First, we learn and practice design thinking. 

    Given WAP's team size, Stoked will serve as facilitators and players. As a combined Stoked+WAP team, we will launch an external project selected by Stoked. Over 1.5 days, we will teach and practice the entire design thinking process: using empathy as a means of uncovering deeper user needs, reframing a challenge, generating big ideas, and building and testing low-resolution prototypes.

    After the 1.5 days, the WAP team will leave with a common language and a shared understanding of fundamental tools, mindsets and behaviors. You will also be equipped with the knowledge and confidence to bring a human-centered approach to your everyday work. 

    Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.49.58 PM.png

    Then we deep dive into WAP processes, products, and team dynamics.

    After the Learning Experience, the Stoked team will spend a 1/2 day in the WAP Lab reviewing pre-determined products and processes. Additionally, we will assign each WAP team member to a dedicated Stoked coach. These pairs will spend 1:1 time together getting to know each other and clarifying each person's needs. 

    The goal for this time together is to determine a project the WAP team member will execute over the next month using his or her newly acquired skills. The Stoked partner will serve as a coach and a technical expert for the project selected. 


    Finally, we will create something new... together.

    In the month following the session, each WAP associate will work on a project with the help of his or her Stoked partner. The Stoked partner will offer 3-5 hours of coaching and assistance. For example, Barbara might be paired with a teammate who is looking to change a personal behavior. Barbara would be the teammate's dedicated personal development coach. Other pairs may focus on any of the following:  

    • Visually adapting a product
    • Redesigning an internal process 
    • Changing a personal behavior
    • Creating a storytelling video (click "what a stoked story is like" to check out a sample of our stories from 2017)

    Outcomes are highly dependent on each WAP associate's engagement. 


    you'll each have a dedicated Stoked coach...

    By conducting a few preliminary interviews, we will pre-determine Stoked and WAP pairs. Stoked will contribute 3-5 dedicated coaches to this project. Each WAP team member will be paired with one of the following bad asses. 


    the nitty-gritty...

    WAP’s investment for this project will be $25,000.

    What’s included: We’ll custom-design and facilitate exciting and engaging sessions that provide the perfect environment for education, practice and exploration, and we’ll include materials and supplies for our in-person work. 

    What’s not included: Generally speaking, WAP team members will be responsible for their own meals and snacks while in session. WAP will be responsible for WAP team travel to and from Nashville for the 1.5 day Learning Experience, as well as Stoked team travel to and from Chattanooga for the 1/2 day discovery session, including hotel, meals, ground transportation and related expenses. We’ll invoice for our travel, along with any changes in scope, after our trip to Chattanooga.

    Invoicing: We’re happy to be able to fit this project into your budget, and, to do so, we’ll invoice for the full amount up front. 

    One more thing: During our time together, we’ll likely create a storytelling asset - a video - capturing our journey together. We’ll share this video with our community, and we hope that WAP will do the same!

    Let's do it! We imagine our first session together will be scheduled in July, August or September.  Once we get the green light from you, we can select a date to ensure you get a good spot on our calendar. Woohoo!