I'm comforted by signals that help me locate what I need, especially when I transfer it.

People want to feel complacent about what they are carrying, but no matter how entrenched they are to their organizational system, there are multiple times daily when that feeling is interrupted. The single most consistent, even ubiquitous, human experience with small leather goods in a personalized organization system is double checking that everything is in its place. Because these systems are habituated, people create their own ritual to check that they have their stuff.

The pocket pat.

The purse squeeze.

The bag peek.

The pocket dip.

The blind rummage.

These interruptions are more frequent and intense in unfamiliar or vulnerable settings like travel or sketchy neighborhoods.

Representative Point of View


We met Chirag, the 34 year old finance professional who once had to defer a clothing purchase and return to a store with the credit card that earned better cash back for that specific purchase.

We were surprised to learn that he habitually pats down his front jacket and pant pockets before he goes anywhere to ensure he has his phone, keys, wallet, and headphones and affectionately named this ritual the “4 check.”

We wonder if this means that he also carries an invisible, low-level fear of encountering a situation he feels he should be prepared for, but isn’t.

It would be game changing to help Chirag feel constantly reassured he has everything he needs for whatever his day may bring.


Everyone employs a ritual (usually visual or tactile) to quickly check that they have their stuff and rely on these rituals multiple times per day.

Most people transfer their stuff between disparate organization systems for different modes (like work and play)..

People prefer to carry their stuff within an arm’s length radius.

How Might We…

HMW employ all five senses to signal you have your stuff?

HMW adapt to personal check habits?

HMW signal when an object is out of place?

HMW create a solution that allows users to customize?

HMW signal when an object hasn't transferred?

HMW create a safety net for when something is missing?