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A One Day Workshop:  
Introduction to Design Thinking for the ECPLR Program


Your need.

Introduce high performing early careerists to the Design Thinking process/behaviors in order to foster positive cohort dynamics and creative problem solving. After this experience, learners will be able to:

  • Apply key Design Thinking tools to their assigned project work

  • Attack problems with a different mindset and new behaviors

  • Reframe a problem using empathy

  • Build low resolution prototypes to collect feedback and iterate quickly


Our style and our team.

Stoked is a design and culture consultancy that lives to awaken the human spirit. We love to create career and life-shifting experiences that are eye-opening, informative, experiential, and fun!

Our dedicated team of coaches come from around the globe, have experience working for innovative organizations like Stanford University, IDEO, Cause Labs, Jet Blue, 3M and elsewhere. When you work with Stoked, you’re working with some of the world’s top design thinking coaches and practitioners.


Session design.

We’ll take a full day with a cohort of up to 50 people. We’ll start with a hands on crash course, allowing all participants to practice the entire cycle within the first few hours. After the introduction, we will focus on what’s most important to our learners: reframing problems + prototyping. It might look something like this…


The nitty gritty.

What’s in?
You’ll get two fully dedicated coaches. Stoked will cover session design and all materials. This includes any necessary graphic design, videography, and custom content. We will also collaborate with program leadership to frame the day and the design challenge to perfectly suit the needs of our learners.

What’s out?
We’ll expect you to provide awesome space and delicious/healthy catering. We’ll also need your help crafting the design challenge(s) and recruiting live testers to provide feedback throughout the day. Given the size of the group and logistics, we’ll also ask for two TI team members available for day of support.

What’s it going to cost?
The total investment is $15,000 + travel/expenses for 2 coaches.

We will bill 50% upon agreement + 50% after session completion.



We are pumped to collaborate with you.
You’re awesome!