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How Might We help people transport and secure their small items in a world where payments and currency are increasingly digital?



Small leather goods aren’t about methods of payment. SLGs are tools people employ to build highly personalized organizational systems to feel secure that they have everything they need. These systems have strong habitual inertia that people are reticent to disrupt themselves, but is commonly disrupted by extrinsic catalysts, especially gifts. The vast majority of people engineer redundancies in payment methods and identification as a personal insurance of sorts that augments their feeling of security in the event of losing one piece of their system. Even with personalized systems and backup plans, people universally have periodic moments of anxiety they might be missing something, and have rituals to quickly check and ease their concern. Most people are inured with their organization systems tucked away in a secure, private place but feel abashed to expose them to others from their hidden homes.

Coach is not merely in the wallet business or small leather goods business. Coach is in the business of helping people feel secure by creating highly personalized organizational systems. Wallets, keychains, and small bags are all current products that people use as tools in their systems. Over time and with technological adoption, those tools may change, but the core human needs will not.


People will desire privacy to hide their quirks from the surrounding world.

People will be reticent to disrupt their own personalized and habituated system.

People will seek periodic reassurance that they have what they need.

People will need to feel insured against a worst case scenario.

If Coach maintains a design focus on these core human needs, the company will be able to successfully navigate future transitions whether that be to mobile payments* or any other technology. It could even become a catalyst for that change. Coach is currently serving those needs with small leather goods. We explored a range of ideas for how to continue and better serve those needs.

The team believes these insights can be a launchpad for business transformation and growth.

*In America, who knows when or if that change might occur. The team found that it hasn't yet.


I will adapt my organization system to what I'm given, but I won't disrupt myself to find something better

I feel abashed when I expose my system from its hidden home


I'm comforted by signals that help me locate what I need, especially when I transfer it.

I engineer redundancies for what I need to feel secure