Stoked is a design consultancy. We use design to wake people up.

At Stoked, we’ve been collaborating on storytelling with our partners for years. We view storytelling as critical to realizing innovation within an organization. It's how we spread ideas, inspire others, and rally teams. We know real culture change is possible when organizations bring others on the journey.


Stoked partners with like-minded organizations to seek out and tell powerful stories. The kind of stories that move you and showcase what is possible when we work together.


American Refugee Committee + Stoked : a collaboration to bring a single point of data to life through human stories and on site field work in southwest Uganda.

We partner with driven organizations to discover the power of human stories.


Chasing Stillness, The Emily Roley Story : a 2nd act story of new beginnings and big risks.

The Emerald Triangle & The American Dream : get a crash course in what it’s like to farm, do what you love and provide for your family; all while doing so in a newly legal and still socially taboo industry.


We producing stories that help show us how acting with intention can radically change how we navigate the world and experience our work.


This month: New Noise

We live in a world of constant digital distraction, noise and interruption. We're always responding. We're always being notified. But, the computer in your pocket is a fairly new thing.


We invest in rich storytelling mediums like audio.

With our monthly podcast, reframe. This practice helps us work through the topics that constantly come up in conversation here in our studio and with our clients. It’s a tool for further exploration of our work and an asset we’ve developed to partner with others. Let’s talk about audio storytelling and what it can do for the both of us.



― Docu-style filmmaking
― In the field video and audio production
― Post-production & editing
― Delivery and distribution strategy
― Content designed for your audience

 ― Podcast production & story structure


Let's tell a story.