A two-day design thinking bootcamp.

Want to learn design thinking while having an impact on the community? Project 1 is a two-day bootcamp that introduces the fundamentals of human-centered design, and then immediately puts the tools, behaviors and mindsets to use on an actual project that addresses a community need.

learn: You’ll begin your experience in our Nashville design studio, where our team of designers will provide a fast-paced and experiential overview of the human-centered design process, in a way that’s approachable and understandable.

practice: Next, our team will guide you out of the studio and into the streets of Nashville, where you’ll walk through a full design cycle on a real project, practicing what you’ve learned, while addressing a real need for the city and its residents.

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Project 1: quick details

when: Thursday April 5 and Friday April 6, 2018
where: the stoked design studio - 1323 6th Avenue North, Nashville TN
why: because you want to learn design thinking, and you're up for a seriously fun challenge


What's in it for you?

You're going to leave this bootcamp with an understanding of human-centered design, and enthusiasm to put design thinking into action at your organization. What you do next is up to you! 

Here are some examples of what you might do after the bootcamp, back at the office:

  • Apply human-centered design to your everyday work (i.e., design a better department meeting)
  • Lead small projects (i.e., reimagine the way you accommodate remote workers)
  • Build and test a prototype, in order to advance an idea you've been considering for a while
  • Engage in empathy work to better understand your end users and customers
  • Lead a workshop for your colleagues on the topic of human-centered design

You'll also leave the bootcamp with tools and resources from Stoked, including: 

  • Facilitation guides
  • Worksheets
  • Training materials
  • Custom resources like our AM/PM journal, and our Focus/Flare signs

... and lots more. Most importantly, by joining us for the bootcamp, you'll be joining the Stoked team, and a support network of design thinking practitioners all over the country. 

First, we learn. 

During your two days in Nashville, you’ll be led through a highly-curated experience, designed and delivered by our team. You’ll walk through multiple design cycles, and you’ll participate in fun and engaging hands-on experiences.

Our expert team will offer facilitation and guidance as you:

  • Walk through the steps of the design process: empathy (understanding users), defining a point of view, ideating, prototyping and testing

  • Explore the mindsets that fuel human-centered design: seeking inspiration from users, embracing the ambiguity inherent in user-centered design, and letting doing lead your thinking, with an experimental mindset

  • Develop a common language and a shared understanding of the fundamental tools and behaviors that underlie human-centered design

Then, we practice.

Learning the fundamentals of human-centered design is only part of the process. You need a chance to practice what you've learned, which is why we've designed a real-world project to tackle together. 

About the project: Nashville has become a national hub of creativity and self-expression. From the big label country music scene that made our city famous to the raw anti-establishment producers attracting musicians of all stripes, Nashville is finding its way into the ears of every American. Unprecedented growth is leading to extraordinary enthusiasm as well as gnarly challenges such as unaffordable housing, and new levels of inequality. Some of Nashville’s best artists can’t live the same life here that they once could, especially songwriters, whose livelihoods look dramatically different in a streaming world. During the two-day bootcamp, and in partnership with local creatives, you’ll take on the big challenge of reimagining how we value the artists that dedicate their lives to creating what we consume. 

Throughout the bootcamp, you’ll build excitement, competence, and confidence. You’ll leave with the knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to bring a human-centered approach to your own day-to-day work.

Let’s talk details.


Where: During the bootcamp, our base of operations will be our design studio, which is located at 1323 6th Avenue North, Nashville TN 37208, in the heart of Nashville’s booming Germantown neighborhood.

When: We’ll begin promptly at 9AM on Thursday April 5. You’re welcome to show up early, if you like. Doors will open at 8AM for coffee and hangtime. You should anticipate two full days with us; please don’t make other plans during our two days together. We’ll wrap up at 4PM on Friday April 6.

Travel: Coming from out of town? You’ll want to arrive in Nashville on Wednesday April 4 at the latest, so that you’re ready to hit the ground running on Thursday April 5. If you need recommendations for a place to stay, just say the word! We’ve got lots of ‘em.

(If you have a flexible schedule, come to Nashville early in the week! You are welcome to work out of our studio all week, so that you can take full advantage of your time in town. And we'll have a few surprises for you when you arrive to make your week even more fun.)

Ok, so what’s it cost?

A typical multi-day Learning Experience with Stoked requires a group of 15-30 people, and a significant five figure (or six figure) price tag. We designed this bootcamp to be more affordable for some of our collaborators and clients that don’t manage a million dollar budget.

Per person: $2,500
For five colleagues, from the same company: $10,000

What’s included: Every part of your bootcamp experience is covered. From the materials we’ll use in session, to your ground transportation getting around Nashville, to the healthy meals and delicious snacks we’ll enjoy while together. We've got a few surprises up our sleeves, as well. 

What’s not included: Your travel to and from Nashville is your responsibility, along with hotel and travel expenses. We’ll provide most meals and snacks while we’re working together, but you may choose to dine while out and about in Nashville, at your own expense.


Boss-friendly PDF

Need a one-page PDF to share with your boss? We've got you covered. 

Ready to join us? Got some questions?

We're here! Give a shout to our operations guy, Matt <>, or use the form below to say hey. 

In order to join us, and to hold your spot, we'll ask for a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 per person. The balance will be due on April 1. In order to maintain a killer experience, and a strict coach-to-participant ratio, space is extremely limited.

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