Privacy Please


I feel abashed when I expose my system from its hidden home

Across user engagements, we saw a myriad of personalized organizational systems. Almost all have individual hacks to adapt their tools to a system just right for them.

The ziploc bag of necessities ready to drop everything and leave the country at a moments notice.

The bright red wallet in a large black bag to make it easier to locate.

The cash compartment overstuffed with cards for easy access while the flap covered card compartment remains empty.

People were abashed as they exhumed their stuff from its hidden homes. Nobody’s system was perfect for them. They all had minor complaints or small adjustments they just accepted. Some were even downright embarrassed by how ridiculous their system seemed. People need the privacy of a hidden home.

Representative Point of View


We met Maria, the enthusiastic, sentimental mother and wife who is prepared for spur of the moment global travel after a life full of travel lessons from 48 countries.

We were surprised to learn that she is self-deprecating and apologetic about her unglamorous, meticulously organized security zip-loc of items she might need.

We wonder if this means that she feels ridiculous that the sum total of what she "needs" to carry appears excessive but unwilling to compromise her feeling of security.

It would be game changing to give here discreet ways to maintain an always prepared state of being.


People self-criticize and apologize when showing what is in their wallet.

People often can’t articulate why they keep something but will not get rid of it.

Some people carry a sentimental item and feel split between pride and embarrassment when discussing it.

How Might We…

HMW highlight the individual genius in system hacks?

HMW connect people with similar organization system hacks?

HMW design solutions that protect individual systems for organizing without shame?

HMW instill pride in organizational system quirks?