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reframe, the podcast.

Because we believe storytelling keeps up your A game, we’re practicing this with our own new podcast, Reframe. In it we’ll explore stories and ideas that change the way we see and interact with the world.



Episode 03 : Imposter Syndrome

We've all been there before...a time where we've felt like a complete imposter. A fraud. A phony. Like at any minute those around us might notice we aren't supposed to be there and out us. On this episode, we explore these experiences through a series of short stories.

It turns out, feeling like an imposter is more common than you might think.

Special thanks this month to Van Tucker, Marc Byrd, Anna Love-Mickelson, Scott Doorley, Barbara Patchen and Jonathan Newberry for sharing their stories.


Past Episodes


Episode 02 : Daily Rituals

We all have our own version of daily rituals. The things we do and routines we keep that allow us to get more done or unwind. Inspired by Mason Currey's book of the same name, on this episode we explore just how much the design of your time impacts your life.

Show Notes

Get Mason Currey's book Daily Rituals here.

Check out the WeMo coffee magic Parker was talking about.



Episode 01 : New Noise

We live in a world of constant digital distraction, noise and interruption. We're always responding. We're always being notified. But, the computer in your pocket is a fairly new thing.