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A unique experience for global
problem solvers

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We want to help your team wake up each day thinking about what you do, differently. 

Powerful experiences are when we take the biggest steps in our lives, our careers and in the way we see the world. Stoked has partnered with American Refugee Committee to create an experience that will inspire you to work in new ways and deepen your connection to yourself and others. 


WATCH: First hand stories of Nakivale refugees re-discovering the meaning in their lives

Human-centered, always. 


Experience the power of human connection and radically engage in the world around you. 




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You'll leave with:

- An experience designing solutions in a humanitarian environment with little resources

- A new way of thinking about your global community

- A powerful storytelling opportunity for your organization

- A new lense on solving complex challenges

- A deepened connection to yourself and the world at large


The journey starts here.

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