Stoked is a design consultancy. We use design to wake people up.


A global problem solving experience


Join American Refugee Committee and Stoked on a journey  that will challenge the way you see the world. You'll solve real problems that deepen your connection to yourself and others.


You will join a cohort of top-tier executives using human-centered design to address real world problems.  

By working on design challenges identified by local refugees, you will be living what it means to give back.


we believe that diversity of thought is one of the most important elements of identifying valuable solutions. These local community members will join your project team the minute you set foot on their soil. 



ARC knows better than anyone the challenges facing refugees, the things they need, and what will make the biggest difference in their lives. As experienced human-centered designers, they've learned how to deeply understand the refugee experience and then co-design solutions that create new value and make meaningful change. They are transforming the the refugee experience and constantly working to find new ways to help refugees return to normalcy.

Stoked works to upgrade how you work.  They passionately teach and practice human-centered design in partnership with organizations around the world.  Really, their grand ambition is to awaken the human spirit.  They've learned that the surest way to this is to create experiences where you get your hands dirty doing work that serves the world.  


Duration: 14 days

Cost:  $17,500 per participant (includes everything but flight)

Ideal Cohort Size: 6-8

You'll leave with:

- An experience designing solutions in a humanitarian environment

A new way of thinking about your global community

- A powerful storytelling opportunity for your organization

- A new lense on solving complex challenges

- A deepened connection to yourself and the world at large


The journey starts here.

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