I will adapt my organization system to what I'm given, but I won't disrupt myself to find something better


Adapting and personalizing your own system builds strong habitual inertia. Even when people openly identify their own unmet needs or wants and discuss products that could better serve them, they are reticent to disrupt what is theirs. The majority of people only did with a gift. When someone gave them something new, they readapted. They were often pleasantly surprised with the improvements. Some people did seek out specific wallets or keychains, but they were in the minority. Many people received a new wallet as a gift or picked up a small trinket as a giveaway and made it work for them. When people did buy their own wallet, they often just purchased a repeat of what they already had and knew. Most want to feel complacent about the stuff they carry.

Representative Point of View


We met Matt, a recently self-employed golf enthusiast who is transitioning from his former British bachelor life to his current American married one.

We were surprised to learn about his lack of confidence in style choices and hesitation to make fashion purchases without validation, which he said was rooted in tough childhood memories of being teased for his clothing. On the other hand, he views himself as an expert in all things golf and confidently enjoys shopping to feed this habit.

We wonder if this means that he wants the freedom to express his individuality, but within the guardrails established by an authority.

It would be game changing to create a personalized experience / product that removes the perceived subjectivity of his choice to address his current and future needs versus falling back on what his old self would choose.


The majority of people’s wallets were gifts. Some consider the gift good enough for their needs and others are pleasantly surprised by how much they enjoy what they didn’t expect to.

Wallet choice is a force of continued habit, not intentionally improved function.

People perceive their stuff as organized, regardless of how messy it appears or how long it takes them to find something they are looking for.

How Might We...

HMW lean into the gifting moment or treat self purchases as a gift?

HMW create safety and support to make the change they want to make?

HMW create a moment to help people identify what their needs are and select a solution they want?

HMW make reorganizing feel like a security upgrade?

HMW become an organization system coach or therapist?