How might we increase engagement in democracy?

We heard your design to boost engagement in democracy, with an approach that goes beyond a traditional "get out the vote" campaign, and a loftier outcome than just getting people to vote. You want to explore new, sustainable ideas to boost engagement amongst people who are not typically engaged. We are super excited about that mission. 

We'd like to propose a three-day Learning Experience for Phase I. We'll bring together key players, align on the fundamentals of a human-centered approach, and develop some lo-resolution prototypes that are ready for testing in the community. 

What is a Learning Experience?

A Learning Experience with Stoked is an intense (and fun!) multi-day session, during which teams have an opportunity to learn and practice the behaviors associated with human-centered design.

Over the course of three days in St. Petersburg, we'll build skills and confidence, while learning from citizens and developing ideas and solutions that we can test with community. 

what to expect

This type of work will have an incredible impact on participants. Here's what to expect from our Learning Experience:

  • During the Learning Experience, participants will build excitement and capacity. They'll develop a common language and a shared understanding of fundamental tools, mindsets and behaviors, and they have opportunities to practice new skills with the guidance and support of the team at Stoked.

  • Participants will develop the knowledge and confidence to apply a human-centered approach to the challenge of increasing engagement in democracy

  • Together, we will speak to citizens, develop some key insights, and build a handful of low-resolution prototypes that we're ready to test with members of the community.

  • Participants will head back to their organizations with the skills, energy and enthusiasm to do truly meaningful work, and a desire to apply human-centered design to their every-day environments.

how it works

Our Learning Experience will 2.5 days long. We'll collaborate with you to co-create your session, but the basic format will be as follows: 

First, we learn

We'll start with a fun, engaging, hands-on overview of the human-centered design process that introduces the core steps: empathy (understanding users), defining a point of view, ideating, prototyping, testing and storytelling.

Participants will develop a common language around the fundamentals of human-centered design, in a way that’s approachable and understandable, while walking through the tools and mindsets that fuel human-centered design: how to seek inspiration from users, how to embrace the ambiguity inherent in user-centered design, and how to let doing lead your thinking, with an experimental mindset.


Then, we practice

Then, we walk through a second full design cycle on our community engagement project, allowing the team to explore the creation of human-centered products, services and experiences for users.

We'll begin by conducting empathy interviews with members of the community, and, together, we'll unpack those learnings to develop some meaningful insights. Based on what we learn, we'll idea some possible solutions, and build some low-resolution prototypes that are ready for testing in the community. 

We'll end our workshop with a discussion of next steps, and we may provide some preliminary thoughts for Phase II. 

the agenda

We will custom-design our agenda for the Learning Experience, but here's an agenda from a past engagement. This will give you a good sense of how our Learning Experience may unfold.

ok, so what’s it cost?

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what’s included? 

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and what’s not included? 

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Got questions?

Not sure about something? Not a problem. Reach out and let's talk.

download the PDF

Websites are great, but so are PDFs. We took all the information about education with Stoked and put it in a pretty PDF