Wouldn’t it be game changing if a Coach bag was the best way to meaningfully recognize and connect women?

Representative Point of View


We met Danica, a 29 year old new substitute teacher who lives at home and is still trying to navigate what it means to be an independent adult.

We were surprised to learn that she carried her mom's Coach bag to her first "big girl" job interview that secured her new, more professional future. Someday, Danica "hopes to reach the Coach level."

We wonder if this means to Danica, rocking a certain brand is like wearing a personal accomplishment checklist.

It would game changing to introduce new products that help Danica and her mom visualize different versions of Danica’s more successful future self.

After working through the content gathered from the interviews, the team identified some specific observations as design prompts. These questions launched the team into creative brainstorming. Each one still serves as a prompt for future products, services, and experiences.


Bags help me "level up" at different life transitions. I want to signal to the world that I am changing and thriving.

I got my branded bag as a gift from my mom, otherwise I wouldn't have it.

Accessible luxury products are great for gifts, especially to buy in bulk (e.g., multiple wristlets), but I rarely buy them for myself.

How Might We…

HMW make a Coach handbag a weapon for a woman who is redefining herself?

HMW create products for the powerful women who work from home?

HMW honor pivotal moments where women shine? (e.g., weddings, graduations, promotions, divorce, children, retirement, first job, etc.)

HMW leverage the intergenerational history of Coach to connect women?

HMW help moms prove their love in more meaningful ways?

HMW help moms pass the bag baton in a way that’s relevant to the next generation?

HMW use Coach products to help women elevate other women?

HMW create products for special mentorship moments?

HMW help bulk buyers have confidence that they bought the right gift for everyone?