Leadership Lab

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Leading innovation work is tough.

It requires support from above, patience from below, and a serious commitment of time and money. We get it. And that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our first-ever HCD Leadership Lab, an exclusive cohort-based program for innovation leaders, designed to help you master your role and boost your confidence.

A program that's unique.

We've combined everything we know about enabling successful innovation work to design a program that's truly unique.


a focus on you: Throughout the six month program, we'll remain focused on you as an individual -- a whole human being whose needs are unique and complex. We'll fall in love with you and your challenges in a meaningful and personal way. Together, we'll uncover the headwinds and tailwinds that affect your ability to thrive, and we'll collaborate on design projects that are specific to you and your organization.

in your space: During the program, our Stoked team will visit your workspace, as a means of gaining an understanding of your world, and providing one-on-one support for your journey. The cohort will also visit some of the spaces of your peers to see what design thinking looks like from coast to coast, from one industry to the next.

project based: As the program begins, you'll pick a project to start, to continue, to revive from the dead, and we'll work on it with you, together as a cohort, using new tools and an immersive experience.

Here's how it works.

We've designed the HCD Leadership Lab to address three fundamental needs of innovation leaders:

  1. driving strategic innovation projects for your company or team
  2. sharpening your own individual design skills
  3. impacting company culture in small and meaningful ways

Using these key areas of focus, we've designed a powerful cohort experience that includes a mix of in-person sessions and remote work. Over the course of six months, we’ll come together as a cohort for three 2-day sessions, during which we’ll make incredible progress in a collaborative environment. In addition, you'll be visited in your workplace by the Stoked team, and you’ll conduct fieldwork in-between sessions with remote support from your fellow cohort members.


Why join us?

During six months of guided in-person and remote work, you will:

  • Grow as a leader
  • Work on a project that's important to you and your organization
  • Develop a support network of like-minded leaders from other organizations
  • Refine your taste for good design
  • Better understand your organization's constraints and how to leverage them
  • Navigate key relationships
  • Build your hard skills as a human-centered designer

    Who's in the cohort?


    This cohort will be comprised of a small group of hand-selected innovation leaders from around the country, and a pair of dedicated design leads from Stoked. Together, we'll learn from each others' successes and failures. As a dream team of like-minded leaders and doers, we'll work, dine and explore together, while developing new tastes, honing our design instincts, and collaboratively solving some really gnarly problems.

    ok, so, what's it cost?


    The cohort registration fee is $25,000 per-person, or $40,000 for two colleagues from the same company. We'll design, plan and pay for every part of your cohort experience -- from the boutique hotels where we'll stay, to the unique itineraries we'll follow while we're together, to the healthy meals we'll enjoy as a group. Everything but your airfare is included, thoughtfully planned, and well designed.