A transformative experience where you'll fortify your creative confidence and design thinking skills to lead yourself and others in human-centered work.

You'll tackle design experiments in your organization to take human-centered design to the next level.


With a mix of killer in-person sessions, structured remote collaboration, and challenging design milestones to guide your work, you'll make thrilling progress together.


Our experiments are designed to catalyze you into action. The surest way to eliminate progress is to do nothing, which is our most common choice in the face of uncertainty.


Alright, let's get into some specifics:

Who's it For

If you have tried to apply human-centered design to your work, the Leadership Lab is for you. It is designed to help you avoid mistakes we've already made, to push you to learn from some experiments of your own and to create a network of confident practitioners within your organization. The initial squad you cultivate could become your squad for life if you treat it right.

The Time Commitment

The Leadership Lab starts with a three-six month commitment for the cohort experience. Over that time, we'll ask you to spend a total of 6-7 days off-site, on four different trips, including a few days in our Nashville studio, and a few days connecting in person with your squad. Also, we anticipate you will need to dedicate 4-6 hours per week working remotely with your team on your Design Experiments. These experiments are designed to amplify work you are already doing, not add to your plate. After the initial six-month cohort experience, there's no end if you're brave enough to keep going. You will maintain access to all structured experiments and your squad.

Cost Components

We'll design and plan every part of your six-month cohort experience -- from the agenda of our in-person sessions to the healthy meals we'll enjoy as a group. Everything but your travel is included, thoughtfully planned, and well designed. After the six-month cohort experience, any cost of your experiments in your organization is up to you. Stoked coaches will stay in touch, and the entire Stoked team will be available to provide a-la-carte support from in-person coaching to designing custom materials.


Still got some questions?