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Kristin Schleihs

Art Director


Written by Barbara Patchen & Jonathan Newberry

Almost every Friday afternoon, the Stoked studio turns into an 80s playlist dance party. And if you ever wonder who decided that was the best idea humanly possible, look no further than Kristin Schleihs.

As the designer, builder, eyes, brain, quick-wit, and constant creator at Stoked, Kristin is who makes us look good around here. In her role as Art Director, she designs every detail of what you love to interact with at Stoked. And in her second role, as professional Jeni’s Ice Cream eater, she can recommend the perfect ice cream when you want to skip lunch and go straight to dessert, like the joy-filled, real-adult-kid she really is.

Her passion for creating came at a very early age, as she recalls spending many Tuesday afternoons with her grandma's church craft group, drawing on the biggest chalkboard a kid could ever image. Like many of us, Kristin’s special sauce was shaped by her upbringing. As a passionate athlete and family gal, she was influenced by the power of humble midwesterners, endless effort, and an undeniable dedication to any team she is a part of. She came to Stoked from the world of art education and graphic design, having served as a k-12 art teacher and designer for small businesses and entrepreneurs all over Music City. 

Kristin’s gifts don't just impact Stoked. She is also the chief morning officer  with the local CreativeMornings chapter, spreading love and creativity to the city of Nashville, and the proud co-owner of Beardition, a men’s grooming and lifestyle brand. In our eyes, she is the perfect blend of practicality and creative expression, the unicorn of designers.

The next time you see her be sure to ask her about 60s fashion, 80s music, Wisconsin sports and the amazing signs she creates that make the world feel good. Or cut straight to the time she met Martha Stewart. Just don’t test her pop culture knowledge. You’ll never get something by our girl.  

Kristin will tell you she likes working at Stoked because there is always a freedom to experiment, along with a passion for happiness and fun that comes in what we do. We like working with her because of her never-ending drive to do things better, and with more joy and beauty than you can imagine.

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“Kristin cares about the small things. She is quiet, but her creative brain is always turned on & it’s magic when she unleashes her ideas.”

- Alicia Binkley, Designer, Actual Friend



“She’s the Wonder Woman of the creative world. Kristin rocks design, type, signage, and all the little decorative details for an event. She will ALWAYS put someone else’s needs before her own.”

-Big Sister