I engineer redundancies for what I need to feel secure.

Another way people maintain an complacent state is creating redundancies for their most important stuff. Most people have experienced moments when they didn’t have what they need. 

Right now, digital tools are a redundancy in people’s organizational systems. For mobile payment in particular, some people find it more convenient, but no one feels insured with mobile payment as their only method. For most people, credit cards are still primary. For those early adopters and fast followers who are using mobile payments, they still need a backup payment method.

What if my phone dies?

What if I get hacked?

What if someone steals my phone?

Representative Point of View


We met Francisco, a guy in his late 30s who commutes from Jersey to his accounting job in Midtown.

We were surprised to learn that he had no idea what was actually in his wallet, and even though he didn't use most of what was inside, he still felt the need to carry all of it only on the weekdays.

We wonder if this means his wallet is like an ex, even though it's annoying and cumbersome, he needs to feel the comfort of having a safety net.

It would be game changing to give him something not cumbersome that gives him the feeling of having a safety net.


People worry about relying on their phone because it could die or lose service, not all places accept mobile payment, and it could be lost or stolen.

People worry about the social pressure of holding up the line if the tech doesn’t work.

Most people have an influential experience of not having something they need and have built hacks to avoid potential future “dooms days.”

How Might We…

HMW make redundancy permanent?

HMW help users redefine security?

HMW make people feel secure without redundancy?

HMW provide solutions that allow people to embrace their need for redundancy?

HMW decouple redundancy and proximity?