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Human-Centered Design Lab


Health:Further is a community of doers and thinkers dedicated to building the future of health, together. Thinking as a festival is pretty straight forward, but what does doing look like? That is what the Human Centered Design Lab is all about. Stoked is partnering with the Design Institute for Health at the University of Texas Dell Medical School and ConnectUs Health, a local federally qualified health clinic to have an actual impact on patient lives, as a festival. During the festival, the collaborative team will be generating ideas, building prototypes, learning from festival participants and, oh yeah, patients to reimagine the experience for some in Nashville's most vulnerable community.

The whole story 👇


OK, let's dig deeper into this. In the beginning...


The beginning

We set up a 3,000 square foot Human-Centered Design Lab on the Festival floor and kicked off the festival by introducing ConnectUs Health, their mission and how as a healthcare community we might create a real difference in their patient experience and outcomes in just 24 hours. We asked all attendees to vote on the problem to tackle in our keynote on day one.

The votes are in!

How might we introduce privacy into a crowded, public waiting room?

The early prototypes


A waiting room attendant who helps complete the sliding scale enrollment in a chair rather than at the front desk.


VIP check in line for patients who have enrolled in the sliding scale 


Running tally display of how much money all ConnectUs patients have saved by enrolling in the sliding fee scale


First, we built a replica of the actual ConnectUs waiting room and got to work ideating more prototypes.


Tour the "clinic waiting room"  

➞ VIDEO    1min

Now, we're ready to test at the festival and on site at the ConnectUs Clinic itself.


Prototype testing!


Half our team went to ConnectUs to test prototypes and half our team stayed at Health:Further to test. We're using the feedback to narrow our focus for the next round of testing.


Prototype testing key

Project - Drawing 1_KS_Outlines.png

More Insights!


           Team Debrief!

At the end of the sprint, we unpacked what worked, more importantly what didn't and how we could help ConnectUs move forward and implement some prototypes with real patients.


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