Design Thinking & Private Equity


A two-hour workshop: how design thinking can transform the world of private equity.

Equity investors don't just invest in ideas. They invest in people. They recognize that to catalyze growth in their portfolios, they need to nurture not just good ideas, but smart entrepreneurs and promising company cultures.

Where does design thinking (also known as human-centered design) fit in? Why have seasoned private capital sources, especially on the west coast, hired full time designers to be members of their teams? And how can design thinking allow investors to be smarter about their investments before writing checks? 

Join Stoked for a two-hour workshop on how design thinking can transform the world of private capital. You will learn: 

  • What design thinking is all about, and how businesses are using it to their advantage
  • How to use design thinking to find, nurture and retain the right people, and to transform and build the right company culture
  • How design thinking can allow teams to make a decision in an hour, not a month... and for pennies, not thousands (or millions) of dollars
  • How private equity and venture capital firms in Silicon Valley, NYC and elsewhere are using design thinking to differentiate themselves, be smarter about investments, and build better teams
  • What all those HBR and Fast Co articles are talking about

You'll leave with new skills that could improve your business, a renewed excitement for your work, and an experiential understanding of design thinking. 

The details.


What: Two-hour experiential workshop

Who: The Stoked team includes coaches from the Stanford, and alums from IDEO.

When: Reach out and we'll schedule for your team.

Where: Stoked | 1323 6th Ave North, in Germantown. Where are you?

What's it cost? In Nashville? Nada! Zip! Zilch! Somewhere else? We just request travel and expenses.

Design Value Index

Design Management Institute's Design Value Index includes AAPL, KO, F, MLHR, IBM, INTU, NKE, PG, SAP, SBUX, STWD, SWK, SCS, TGT, DIS, WHR. Updated as of 3/8/18.

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