Wouldn’t it be game changing if Coach designed a functional bag that women are actually proud to carry?

Representative Point of View


We met Hiba, a 23 year old who fears not being prepared and carries a "functional medicine cabinet" in her black Tory Burch tote of 4 years. 

We were surprised to learn that even though the bag is uncomfortable, falling apart, and “not her brand,” she is seriously considering replacing it with the exact same bag.

We wonder if this means her confidence in brands to design something reliable is so low that she’s given up on trying to find something she truly loves.

It would be game changing to help her feel confident and comfortable in replacing her bag with something that has both better functionality and representation of her style.

After working through the content gathered from the interviews, the team identified some specific observations as design prompts. These questions launched the team into creative brainstorming. Each one still serves as a prompt for future products, services, and experiences.


I create my own hacked bag in a bag in a bag organizational system.

I'm embarrassed of my highest functioning bag, but it doesn't stop me from carrying it.

In heterosexual relationships, women often carry the heavy burden of transporting stuff. Their male partners rarely volunteer to carry the load.

How Might We…

HMW incorporate what we know people need into our bag design? 

HMW make women feel like they are 100% prepared when leaving the house?

HMW recognize a need for disposability AND sustainability?

HMW create ways for women to turn their bag bruises into sexy scars?

HMW create a bag that lasts a lifetime?

HMW make gym bags a fashion statement?

HMW create a bag that he can’t wait to carry?

HMW create signals that it is his turn to carry the load?

HMW create products that encourage her to let go of female-specific tasks?