Wouldn’t it be game changing if we could make buying a quality bag for less a fun and relaxing experience?

Representative Point of View


We met Evelyn, an energized and highly organized product geek.

We were surprised to learn that she will spend countless hours online researching well-designed products for a deal, but wouldn't be caught dead shopping at an outlet mall.

We wonder if this means she associates outlet stores with chaos, thoughtlessness, and unoriginality.

It would be game changing to create a new and unpredictable virtual relationship with detail-focused deal finders.

After working through the content gathered from the interviews, the team identified some specific observations as design prompts. These questions launched the team into creative brainstorming. Each one still serves as a prompt for future products, services, and experiences.


Some outlet bags look fake. I assume they are defective products.

Coach outlet product doesn’t look unique. I can find this exact bag at 5 other places, and sometimes for cheaper.

Outlet shopping is awful and I refuse to do it. However, I will spend hours shopping online searching for a deal.

How Might We…

HMW create small authentic signals that create trust in our products?

HMW help outlet shoppers show off their product’s realness?

HMW celebrate that outlet products are unique?

HMW create a product that shocks our most loyal customers?

HMW make every single bag unique?

HMW create a bag that adapts over time?

HMW create an exclusive and curated relationship with millennial deal finders?

HMW introduce non-customers to well-designed affordable products without stepping into an outlet?