Changing Shopping Norms

For women who indulge in virtual "me time," brimming with compelling deals, unique products, and engaging online tools, the perception of outlet shopping has shifted from "the thrill of a deal from brands I love" to "an anxiety-provoking battle for mass market defects."



Kristine is a busy mom who hates to shop, but loves to have lots of new bags. Listen to her share why she’d prefer to avoid outlets.



Winsom prefers online shopping, but it leaves much to be desired. Listen to Winsom react to a live virtual shopping prototype to learn more about what she’d love.



Audrey doesn’t shop in person. She shared over 50 minutes of advice on how to deal-find online. Listen to a few of her thoughts.

I can get the exact same bag for much cheaper online.
— Katrina, 33, Travel Coordinator
I didn’t know Coach had such nice stuff for this price. Y’all just need to get people in!
— -Julienette, 33, Social Worker