A transformative cohort experience where you'll fortify your creative confidence and design thinking skills to lead yourself and others in human-centered work.

You'll tackle design experiments in your organization to take human-centered design to the next level.


about the design experiments

As part of the Capital Senior Living Leadership Lab, you'll be guided through three "design experiments", during which you'll practice skills and build confidence. 


Each design experiment includes a mix of guided instruction, independent and team-based work, and structured check-ins with the team at Stoked. 

In the Capital Senior Living Leadership Lab, we'll cap the number of design experiments at three, in order to keep costs down. Additional design experiments that are available in a typical Leadership Lab (and could be available to Capital Senior Living down the road) include:  

4. facilitate an introduction to Design Thinking

5. get a yes! 

6. build a prototype that tests the right thing for the right people

7. launch a project team

8. design a project sprint

9. tell a compelling story to leaders

10. create human-centered goals and incentives for a team

11. transform a difficult relationship

and more...


With a mix of killer in-person sessions, structured remote collaboration, and challenging design milestones to guide your work, you'll make thrilling progress together.


Kick Off: Two Days of Learning and Doing

In order to launch the team, we’ll start by level-setting individual skillsets with an engaging learning experience. The team will learn and practice the entire design thinking process by working on a non-related project. This will include empathetically engaging with customers, appropriately framing problems, generating fresh ideas, building low resolution prototypes and testing those prototypes with real users.

After two days, the team will leave with:

  • A common language and a shared understanding of fundamental tools, mindsets and behaviors.
  • The knowledge and confidence to bring a human-centered approach to their own work.
  • Clarity, energy, and enthusiasm to start their first experiment as a cohort when they get back to work.

Our experiments are designed to catalyze you into action. The surest way to eliminate progress is to do nothing, which is our most common choice in the face of uncertainty.


Alright, let's get into some specifics:

Expected Outcomes

The Capital Senior Living Leadership Lab is designed to provide basic training to a small group of "high potential" employees, along with guided opportunities to practice, so that participants can begin to incorporate the fundamentals of human-centered design into their everyday work. Participants will build practical skills, and the confidence to apply them. This is not an "initiative splash", but a chance to build capacity from within, while stoking an organic desire for a human-centered approach to work.

We'll also create a storytelling asset - likely a video - that will capture the Leadership Lab experience, allowing the team at Capital Senior Living (and Stoked) to share your journey with others. 

The Time Commitment

The Capital Senior Living Leadership Lab starts with a four month commitment for the cohort experience. During that period, we'll ask you to spend approximately 6 days together, on 4 different trips. In addition, we anticipate you will need to dedicate 4-6 hours per week working remotely with your squad on your design experiments. These experiments are designed to amplify work you are already doing, not add to your plate.

What's it Cost

The Capital Senior Living Leadership Lab is $7,500, per person, for up to 12 participants.

We'll design and plan every part of your  cohort experience -- from the agenda of our in-person sessions to the healthy meals we'll enjoy as a group. Everything but your travel is included, thoughtfully planned, and well designed.


what comes next?

After the cohort experience, your team will have the desire for additional learning, and you'll be eager to continue spreading human-centered design to the organization. We're happy to discuss next steps, which might include:

  • completing additional design experiments 
  • designing and facilitating half-day Leadership Workshops, designed to help guide the executive team at Capital Senior Living as they support the proliferation of human-centered design throughout the organization
  • a Design Sprint, to collaboratively tackle actual project work at Capital Senior, with a human-centered approach

Or maybe something else? We'll work with you to discuss possible next steps, and, if appropriate, we'll propose just the right approach for Capital Senior Living. 


Still got some questions?