Wouldn’t it be game changing if we could excite more millennial women to shop at Coach by tapping into their emotional intensity around our brand?

Representative Point of View


We met Mica, a third generation connoisseur of Coach handbags, who didn't know there were any other brands until middle school. When Mica got her first Coach bag in the 10th grade, she was finally “in the club.”

We were surprised to learn that when carrying around a Coach bag we let her borrow that she “really liked,” she made sure to hold the Coach logo close to her body so that no one could see the branding.

We think this might mean that Mica’s fear of being judged prevents her from indulging in a meaningful tradition. 

We think it would be game changing to give Mica the confidence to bring Coach back into her life with pride.

After working through the content gathered from the interviews, the team identified some specific observations as design prompts. These questions launched the team into creative brainstorming. Each one still serves as a prompt for future products, services, and experiences.


Coach evokes a memory of being left out. Being "over Coach" has a lot more to do with how your customers made me feel about myself than your current product.

Coach is a brand I want to leave behind. I want products that other people like me want.

I assume Coach isn't doing well as a business…”look at all of these sales!”

How Might We…

HMW make style elevation less intimidating?

HMW be inclusive of girls who don’t fit our mold?

HMW connect with the women we missed 20 years ago?

HMW leverage patriotism as a reason to reconnect with the brand?

HMW make lapsed customers feel empathy for Coach "being left behind"?

HMW leverage a sense of nostalgia to bring our girls back?

HMW make our discounts feel like a rare opportunity instead of an everyday option?

HMW leverage the success of Coach in other countries as a way to attract new North American customers?

HMW tell inspiring stories in store?