Brand Perception

For several millennial women, Coach evokes a strong emotional connection to their most formative adolescent years, attracting nostalgic traditionalists and repelling trend-loving followers or women who felt isolated by social cliques they associated with the brand in the 2000s.

Coach is for midwestern moms...even if they come out with something cute, you can’t buy it. It’s a brand barrier.
— -Ali, 28, Startup Product Manager
Coach reminds me of the girls who didn’t include me from middle school.
— -Kiana, 26, Application Support

Listen to Amy talk about growing out of Coach, but now wanting brands with similar qualities.

I was a little nervous to show my friends a Coach bag. Here is some of the feedback I received.
— -Somi, 26, Consumer Insights
A Coach purse is every ghetto girl’s dream bag. The “C”s used to be a way to show off. That’s not my style.
— Evelyn, 36, Client Experience Lead
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