Hi there, Baylor.

We heard your desire to amplify your positive culture, bring your new values to life with more employee-driven communication, and energize your Internal Communications team to work in new and creative ways. 

We are super excited about that mission. We've even illustrated some of the points below, with possible questions to get the ball rolling.  


Here's what we're thinking...

A transformative team experience where you'll build creative confidence and design thinking skills to drive new human-centered work and behaviors.

We've developed an approach that allows us to accomplish a lot in just one day, with whatever team size makes sense for you! 



First, you will learn and practice design thinking. 

In the first two hours, we will teach and practice the entire design thinking process: using empathy as a means of uncovering deeper user needs, reframing a challenge, generating big ideas, and building and testing low-resolution prototypes.

While this is just a short introduction, the team will leave with a common language and a shared understanding of the fundamental tools, mindsets and behaviors that drive creativity and innovation. 

Get a sense of what an experience with Stoked looks and feels like, in just 70 seconds! 

Get a sense of what an experience with Stoked looks and feels like, in just 70 seconds! 


Then you will deep dive into building and solving!

How might we celebrate employees and drive culture change in new and meaningful ways?

Once the team has gone through a shared learning experience, we will apply some of the design tools to a challenge that's interesting to you! More specifically, the team will have an opportunity to practice new brainstorming techniques, build low-resolution prototypes, and test those prototypes with real users (employees!). 

Participants will quickly learn the benefits of engaging with users in order to design something desirable for them based on their specific needs. Additionally, they will see how to turn an idea into reality in a short period of time and test that idea before spending excessive resources on implementation. 



Finally, we will focus on team dynamics.

While process is important for team skill development, we know that without a focus on behavior change it just won't stick. To close out our day together, we will debrief which personal and team behaviors are most effective and necessary moving forward.  

Participants will leave with a personal commitment and a plan of action.

partypeople (1).png

How we will get there together...

Prior to the session, we will need to align on the following:

  • The challenge you'd like to focus on for the "build" portion of the session
  • How we'd like to gather employee input to inform the challenge 
  • Information to get the team excited and prepped before the session
  • All the little details that make for a great experience: space, meals, AV
  • Recruiting employees to join the session to test ideas built by the team 

The nitty-gritty...

What’s included: We’ll custom-design and facilitate an exciting and engaging session that provides the perfect environment for education, practice and exploration. We’ll also include materials and supplies for our in-person work. You will get two dedicated Stoked coaches to help with session design, employee empathy interviews, pre-work, and pre-communication. For the onsite experience, we will let you decide what's best:

8-24 participants:  $18,000 (includes 2 Stoked coaches)

25-54 participants: $22,500 (includes 3 Stoked coaches + 1 support staff member)

55-72 participants: $26,000 (includes 4 Stoked coaches + 1 support staff member)

73-90 participants: $29,500 (includes 5 Stoked coaches + 1 support staff member)

What’s not included: Baylor will be responsible for space and catering. Additionally, you'll be responsible for the Stoked team member's expenses including hotel, meals, ground transportation and related expenses. 

Let's do it! Currently we are holding August 14th for this session. Other options in August include: August 13th, August 21st, and August 23rd. Once we get the green light from you, we can select a date to ensure you get a good spot on our calendar. Woohoo!


Want to know more about Stoked and Design Thinking?


Stoked is a design consultancy. We use design to wake people up.

Our focus is on building peoples' competence and confidence to work in new and innovative ways. We’re not interested in building your solution behind closed doors. Instead, we’re throwing open our doors to design, teach, and experiment alongside you. 

We do this by creating learning experiences that expose your team to the design process, accelerating and guiding projects with you to get meaningful work done, and by exploring a constant curiosity through experimentation and prototyping.