A Woman’s Daily Bag

Women on the go perceive their daily bag as reliable and efficient, yet recognize it’s less attractive than their other bags, as it is often bruised, battered, and filled with DIY hacks. Despite feeling embarrassed, women rarely upgrade their daily bag out of fear of subjecting a product they love to similar abuse.



Listen to Amy share how bags play big role in her day, but why she’s had a hard time finding something she loves.



Audrey’s bag has been through some serious abuse, but she needs a bag that can handle it. Listen to Audrey talk about what her bag has been through.



Evelyn has cobbled together a bag in a bag system for a life on the go. Listen to her talk about her lifestyle.



Listen to Hiba talk about how she doesn’t really like her daily bag, but it fits EVERYTHING.

When my bag started falling apart, I just used black electrical tape around the handles and carried if for a few more months. I was just hoping no one would notice!
— Amaris, 27, Teacher
When my life calms down, I will carry a nicer bag.
— Lori, 46, Entrepreneur