Deep Dive into Design Thinking.

Join us April 25 + 26, 2019 for a fun,
experiential two-day design thinking workshop!


First, an introduction.

Since it’s your first time as a design thinking (aka human-centered design) student, we’ll get started with a short experiential exercise that runs you through an entire design cycle in about two hours. This gives you a great birds-eye view of the steps of the design process.

Our team will offer facilitation and guidance as you:

  • Walk through the steps of the design process: empathy (understanding users), defining a point of view, ideating, prototyping and testing

  • Explore the mindsets that fuel human-centered design: seeking inspiration from users, embracing the ambiguity inherent in user-centered design, and letting doing lead your thinking, with an experimental mindset

  • Develop a common language and a shared understanding of the fundamental tools and behaviors that underlie human-centered design

Next, a full design cycle.

Over the course of two days, we’ll walk through a second design cycle on a “faux project” that allows you to explore the creation of human-centered products, services and experiences for users.

Specifically, we’ll partner with a local organization and identify a real design challenge to tackle during the workshop. We feel it’s important for you to get to learn and practice new tools outside your domains of expertise and learn the fundamentals of human-centered design, without the pressure of addressing a work project specific to you.

Throughout the workshop, you’ll build competence and confidence. You’ll leave with the knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to bring a human-centered approach to your own day-to-day work.

What's in it for you?

Throughout this engaging and approachable introduction to the methods and principles of human-centered design, you will:

  • Develop fluency with how a design cycle unfolds

  • Gain an experiential understanding of the tools, mindsets and behaviors that fuel design thinking

  • Learn how to seek inspiration from users

  • Get comfortable with embracing the ambiguity inherent in user-centered design

  • And a whole lot more!

You're going to leave this workshop with an understanding of human-centered design, and enthusiasm to put design thinking into action at your organization. What you do next is up to you! 

Here are some examples of what you might do after the workshop, back at the office:

  • Apply human-centered design to your everyday work (i.e., design a better department meeting)

  • Lead small projects (i.e., reimagine the way you accommodate remote workers)

  • Build and test a prototype, in order to advance an idea you've been considering for a while

  • Engage in empathy work to better understand your end users and customers

  • Lead a workshop for your colleagues on the topic of human-centered design

Let’s talk details.


Where: During the workshop, our base of operations will be our design studio, which is located at 1323 6th Avenue North, Nashville TN 37208, in the heart of Nashville’s booming Germantown neighborhood.

When: We’ll begin promptly at 9AM on Thursday April 25, ending at 4pm. You’re welcome to show up early, if you like. Doors will open at 8AM for coffee and chill time. You should plan to be present and fully available for the full two days. This means Out of Office email replies and switching your phone to silent! We’ll roll 9am-4pm on Friday April 26.

Travel: Coming from out of town? You’ll want to arrive in Nashville on Wednesday April 24 at the latest, so that you’re ready to hit the ground running on Thursday April 25. If you need recommendations for a place to stay, just say the word! We’ve got lots of ‘em.

Cost: $2,500 per person.

What’s included: Every part of your workshop experience is covered. From the materials we’ll use in session to the healthy meals and delicious snacks we’ll enjoy while together. We've got a few surprises up our sleeves, as well. 

What’s not included: Your travel to and from Nashville is your responsibility, along with hotel and travel expenses. We’ll provide most meals and snacks while we’re working together, but you may choose to dine while out and about in Nashville, at your own expense.


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In order to join us, and to hold your spot, we'll ask for a non-refundable deposit of $1,000 per person. The balance will be due on April 1. In order to maintain a killer experience, and a strict coach-to-participant ratio, space is extremely limited.

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